About Ahlan Motherhood

Ahlan Motherhood founded by Aysha Samrah Abrar. She is a Certified Breastfeeding Counselor by the Sharjah Supreme Council of Family Affairs, Breastfeeding Friends. She is also currently training as an AMANI Childbirth educator. She lives in UAE with her husband and kids. She is from India (Chennai & Bangalore) and networks her expertise by offering free & paid consultation services for new mothers facing issues in their motherhood journey. She is also an instructor for her Holistic Motherhood course in Ilm institute by International Open University. She is a speaker at various events & webinars and also has been interviewed for her active involvement in empowering her community, and women in the filed of Childbirth and Breastfeeding. She aims to draw awareness to mothers by offering consultations, personalized programs and events regarding the best practices in birth and holistic motherhood, helping them make informed decisions through evidence based practice.


Basics of birth, navigating interventions, coping techniques, breastfeeding, and baby basics. Having the right information about pregnancy and birth ensures you are empowered to make informed decisions for your pregnancy and birth.

Birth Preferences Session
A birth plan session is an interactive way to learn about your options and decide what you prefer for you and your family during labor, birth, and on the baby’s first day.
pros and cons of different interventions will be explained. Further resources are shared so that you and your partner can have the evidence-based information you need to determine what your preferences are.

NAVIGATE your birth preference and make an informed decision. Ensure everyone at your birth is on the same page with this customized, easy-to-read, comprehensive birth plan.

How we work together:
Working together to achieve your positive birth experience
Unlimited access to communicate
Empowering you emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Breastfeeding Support

1hour history & basic session 100AED
1hr Intensive Session, with written Breastfeeding Care plan & follow up session 150
Long term Monthly Support – 5 Hours : 500AED

Full medical, birth and feeding history
Establishing a successful breastfeeding relationship & bonding with your newborn
Understanding newborn behavior
Optimising breastfeeding and positioning
Personalised Lactation care Plans
Reference to local or virtual lactation consultants

Infant feeding
Starting solids
Natural remedies to infant illness
Colic reflux sleep issues


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